1. Document Scanning Workstations Improve Mail- and Document-Handling Operations For Key Client

    When it comes to document management, productivity and accuracy are critical and require enterprise-class technology to ensure efficiency and traceability. EXL was able to improve efficiency by several hours per day and reduce resource requirements significantly using OPEX® FalconRED® and Falcon® document scanners for a high-volume customer.

  2. Mail Company Creates New Revenue Streams, Improves Customer Value With Automated Returned Mail Services

    Returned mail presents a logistical and operational challenge for companies with large volumes of mail. Companies often have to perform a significant amount of manual work to determine the reason that a mail piece was returned, and then make additional efforts to update address information.

  3. Difficult Documents, Simple Solution

    Chicago Records Management increased its digital document scanning productivity by three to five times for one of their key customers. Now they process documents more quickly with fewer resources using OPEX’s Universal Document Scanning Workstation, Falcon®.

  4. Mail Matrix® & Intra Enterprise® Deliver Satisfaction With Business Process Management Solution

    Located in the Southeastern United States, this Business Services group is the print and mail hub of all North American operations for a major manufacturer and retailer. The 1,100 employees, located amidst a three-building campus, are vital in the administration and printing and mailing of payroll checks, coupons, vouchers, product labels, event flyers and sales materials.

  5. Federal Agency Sets Its Sights On A Faster, More Cost-Effective Medical Claims Processing Solution

    Scanners from Kodak Alaris help workers achieve objectives with a combination of high-volume output and outstanding reliability.

  6. Double-Digit Productivity Improvements

    Naviant boosts productivity on its document conversion jobs by as much as 87 percent with the OPEX Falcon® document scanning workstation.

  7. Ugly Documents Need Love, Too.

    How one service provider delivers high quality images of the most 'interesting' documents (for less!)

  8. How Do The Best Insurance Companies Automate Their Claims Processing

    If you were the largest Property and Casualty insurer in your state with over 170 agent offices and 15 claim locations and needed to automate your paper-based claims process, how would you go about doing it? “Good question,” you say? Well, here’s one good answer.

  9. Extraction Desk Implementation Helps Control Cost And Efficiency Of Printed And Electronic Communications

    Adare Limited, part of the Adare Group is based in Huddersfield and is a classic case of a company which from formation nearly 115 years ago and via numerous aspects and subsidiaries, has evolved into a one powerful provider of end-to-end technology-led Essential Communications Solutions to private and public sector clients who need to control the cost, quality and efficiency of their printed and electronic communications.

  10. Transportable Scanning Workstation Allows Management of Hard Copy And Digital Information

    The award–winning Wincanton Records Management (WRM) has over 20 years’ experience in the delivery of information management services. The company prides itself on helping organisations manage hard copy and digital information – hence the recent installation of two industry leading OPEX Falcon™ Transportable scanning workstations.