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Top 10 Mistakes Companies Make When Deploying A Document Scanning Solution And How To Avoid Them
Whether your organization is purchasing its first document imaging solution, replacing a legacy solution, or trying to optimize existing system investments, this interactive webinar will provide you with proven strategies, gleaned from real-world implementations, for ensuring you achieve payback. Register today.


  • SkillsTree
    SkillsTree SkillsTree evaluates all of an organization's employees' IT skills and creates an enterprise-wide skills inventory, for the individual, the department and the enterprise
  • Insurance, Risk Management and Financial Services Facility RiskAttack (Align Technology Talent to Assess Customer Risk) is a facility that provides leading-edge insurance
  • Astra 2400S
    Astra 2400S UMAX Technologies, Inc., has introduced the Astra 2400S scanner, featuring a legal-size scanning bed, 36-bit color quality, 600x2400 dpi resolution and a comprehensive business imaging software bundle
  • Railroad Liability Policy
    Railroad Liability Policy LexTRAXSM is a railroad liability policy specifically designed for
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