Product Showcase

  1. AnyDoc® REMIT™ Automated Remittance Processing
    Manual processing invites the potential for human errors, creating a ripple effect of problems that could compromise the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations. With AnyDoc®REMIT, you can rest assured that you are only feeding your backend systems the most accurate data possible.
  2. AnyDoc® Reseller Program
    AnyDoc’s Value Added Resellers have extensive sales cycle experience and successfully completed AnyDoc Software product training. VARs support customers from the sales cycle through implementation.
  3. Océ VarioPrint® 6250
    Designed for continuous operation and long-term reliability, the Océ VarioPrint 6250 supports from 400,000 to 6,000,000 impressions per month. With its productivity, quality, and interoperability, the Océ VarioPrint 6250 helps corporate and commercial users deliver breakthrough business performance and drive more revenue to the bottom line.
  4. AnyDoc®CLASSIFY™ Document Classification Software
    How much time does your staff spend sorting your company's incoming documents? While sorting is a necessary task, it often creates a bottleneck in productivity that delays the entry of critical data from these documents into your database, ECM, or ERP system. You need a powerful, automated solution — you need AnyDoc®CLASSIFY, powered by AnyDoc's latest technology called Infiniworx™.
  5. AnyDoc®CLAIM™ Automated Healthcare Claims Processing
    AnyDoc®CLAIM automatically captures, processes and stores data from paper healthcare claim forms. Companies can capture data from HCFA/CMS 1500 and UB92 forms quickly and accurately by eliminating manual data entry.
  6. AnyDoc®EOB™ Automated Healthcare Payments Processing
    AnyDoc®EOB automates data extraction from complex Explanation of Benefits (EOB) forms – saving both time and money by eliminating costly and cumbersome manual data entry. With AnyDocEOB, you’ll significantly increase efficiency by posting accurate, complete and balanced transactions to your accounts receivable system.
  7. AnyDoc®INVOICE™ Automated AP Processing Solution
    AnyDoc®INVOICE automates accounts payable invoice processing to reduce manual data entry costs by up to 75 percent. Businesses in any industry can capture, extract and store data from invoices to speed processing and ensure accuracy.
  8. AnyDoc®CAPTUREit™ Local and Distributed Document Capture
    AnyDoc®CAPTUREit provides local and remote document scanning, image capture and quality assure (QA) features—either standalone or as part of the OCR for AnyDoc® solution. With CAPTUREit's distributed capture functionality, any number of captured documents can be shared easily among company departments and branch offices around the world.
  9. AnyDoc®MANAGEit™ Complete Monitoring of Your Data Capture Operation
    AnyDoc®MANAGEit™ provides real-time monitoring views of OCR for AnyDoc® workflow processes. With better information, users increase efficiency by evaluating data capture processes and by taking timely corrective action with proactive monitoring and alerts.
  10. AnyDoc®EXCHANGEit™ Easily Transfers Data To Existing Applications or Systems
    AnyDoc®EXCHANGEit automatically moves data and images from OCR for AnyDoc to industry-leading backend applications. EXCHANGEit bridges incompatible data formats and securely exports data to a wide range of ERP and database applications.