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Zywave Significantly Expands Best-In-Class P&C Content Offering

More than 150,000 new resources from AM Best, IRMI and Verisk added to P&C OneSource

Milwaukee, WI /PRNewswire/ - Zywave, an industry-leading insurtech, today announced the significant expansion of its P&C OneSource™ solution, a complement to its best-in-class content offering, which provides a variety of essential third-party resources for property and casualty (P&C) insurance agencies. In addition to the approximately 100,000 pieces of existing P&C OneSource content from AM Best, International Risk Management Institute, Inc. (IRMI), Rough Notes, and Verisk, the latest expansion includes another 150,000 industry reports, guides, and tools.

Zywave's third-party P&C OneSource resources seamlessly integrate into its comprehensive content management system, Content Cloud, to create a holistic commercial offering, enabling users to efficiently access nearly all the industry materials and tools they need in a single location. Zywave also offers CRM integration, which automatically displays content in a user's existing system and enables them to discover the most relevant resources based on specific account data.

"Together with Zywave's existing industry-leading content library and content management capabilities, the greatly expanded P&C OneSource library brings all the critical P&C resources together in a user-friendly, searchable platform," said Eric Rentsch, Chief Product Officer for Zywave. "Not only does this create significant business efficiencies and foster quicker producer validation, but it also enables P&C brokers to demonstrate their knowledge to clients and prospects in a wide variety of industries."

The expanded content includes additional reports from AM Best, access to IRMI's full library of industry-specific resources, Verisk's ISO forms, rules, and loss costs for all lines of coverage and all states, and more.

"We're excited Zywave is featuring IRMI's leading-edge analyses and in-depth commentary alongside its own industry-leading content, as well as other third-party resources," said Jack Gibson, IRMI's President & CEO. "It's a huge efficiency advantage for insurance professionals to be able to access everything they need in a single content management system."

"We are pleased to expand our relationship with Zywave through the Verisk Strategic Alliance program to bring even more of our industry-leading resources directly to insurance professionals including insurers, agents, brokers, and independent adjusters," added Valerie Archer, Verisk's Director of Strategic Partnerships. "Our integration with P&C OneSource is designed to put our clients' needs first, offering users a seamless experience in accessing the most up-to-date data and insights."

In addition to third-party content, Zywave's robust content offering provides access to its proprietary content library covering critical topics trending across the insurance industry, such as compliance issues, cost-containment practices, and risk mitigation. Zywave's Content Cloud also serves as a comprehensive content management system, enabling users to upload and manage their own authored pieces, as well as content from insurers.

Over the past few years, Zywave has invested in significant content platform upgrades, now allowing users to customize Zywave-created content with their own company logo and colors, and incorporating advanced generative AI functionalities for more efficient, effective communication. These resources can be combined with Zywave's marketing automation capabilities to make communicating with clients and prospects more efficient, freeing up time and fueling business growth.

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