News | April 20, 2022

Tractable To Make AI-Enabled Straight-Through Processing Available To North American Insurers, Backed By Mitchell's Open Platform And Comprehensive Repair Data

  • Straight-through processing in automotive insurance claims will be available to US and Canadian insurers and repairers, backed by Tractable's AI and Mitchell's proprietary platform and data
  • Integrated solutions designed to enable outcomes including low-touch auto insurance claims, speedy payments and claim settlement within minutes, provide a faster and smoother customer experience
  • Tractable's AI now offers coverage of almost every external auto panel and part, enabling accurate assessment of damage to any vehicle

New York, NY/PRNewswire/ - Tractable, the artificial intelligence company for accident and disaster recovery, today announces an enhanced collaboration with Mitchell, an Enlyte company and leading technology and information provider for the Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance and Collision Repair industries.

The enhanced collaboration makes straight-through processing in auto insurance claims available, backed by Tractable's market-leading AI and Mitchell's comprehensive digital platform. The integrated solutions are designed to enable US and Canadian insurers and repairers to enact efficient, accurate outcomes - including low-touch auto claims, speedy payments and claim settlement - within minutes, providing a faster and smoother customer experience.

The step forward for the collision ecosystem helps to both improve insurers' decision-making efficiency and give repair shops greater clarity over incoming claim flows, reducing waste and allowing for more accurate part procurement.

Tractable enabled the first touchless auto insurance claim in October 2020, and the technology is now in operation in the UK, Spain and Italy, but this is the first time that straight-through processing, enabled with Tractable's AI, will become available to North American insurers and repairers.

Alex Dalyac, founder and CEO of Tractable, said: "Straight-through processing is the gold standard for providing a better customer experience for policyholders. With our AI software and Mitchell's open platform and expertise, we can make straight-through processing a reality for US and Canadian drivers, auto insurers and repairers."

In auto insurance, straight-through processing refers to touchless claims - i.e., those that take place mostly without manual intervention. For example, when a policyholder reports a simple auto claim to their insurer, AI can assess the damage and make repair suggestions. The insurer and repairer can retain a human in the loop, for example to sign off on estimates, or to check more complex claims.

As well as benefiting repairers and insurers by increasing efficiency and transparency, policyholders benefit from a more efficient claim experience. After an auto accident, a web app can be used to submit photos of the damaged car and other data, and a repair quote is quickly displayed.

This allows policyholders to take all the steps required to restore their mobility directly when they report an accident to their insurer: they can determine if the car is repairable, and - if it is - set up a speedy payment or kickstart repairs with the help of the app.

Olivier Baudoux, senior vice president of global product strategy and artificial intelligence at Mitchell, said: "We remain committed to providing insurers with a flexible, open and turnkey claims automation solution. Our collaboration with Tractable and other leaders in the insurance ecosystem gives the industry its first real glimpse at the future of touchless estimating and straight-through processing."

Tractable's AI now covers damage to over 80 panels and parts of a vehicle in the US, providing comprehensive assessment to any car, no matter the vehicle, make or model.

About Tractable
Tractable develops artificial intelligence (AI) to help people and businesses repair, protect and transact cars and homes. Founded in 2014, Tractable's industry-leading AI solutions process more than $2 billion in vehicle repairs and purchases annually and are globally trusted by leading automotive and insurance companies, including over 10 of the Fortune Global 500. Bringing speed, accuracy and efficiency, Tractable transforms visual assessment to accelerate accident and disaster recovery and vehicle inspections.

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