Telecommute to College Program

Source: Educational Video Conferencing, Inc. (EVC)

Telecommute to College Program
Educational Video Conferencing, Inc.'s video conferencing courses provide higher education for working adults who find it difficult to travel to a college campus
Educational Video Conferencing, Inc. (EVC)any%> video conferencing courses provide higher education for working adults who find it difficult, if not impossible, to travel to a college campus.

The Telecommute to College Program uses live, two-way video conferencing to offer a wide range of courses as well as professional training, certification and licensing programs. Fully accredited college courses and degree programs, continuing education and job-related training programs are made available for employees at work and in many cases, even at home.

Student employees can see, hear and interact with their instructors and other students enrolled in the same courses at other locations. They participate in lectures, ask questions and receive answers, just as if they were in the front row of the class on campus. In many cases, courses can be taken in the privacy of an employee's own home, using a personal computer equipped for live video conferencing.

EVC will meet with a company's human resources team to design a Telecommute to College Program specifically tailored to that company's needs. The Program operates on video conferencing technology provided by Videoconferencing Systems, Inc. (VSI). VSI's Omega platform is a software-driven, codec-independent, internally-networked technology that combines the strength of PC-based system control with the power and flexibility of software solutions.

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