White Paper

Speeding Medical Claims Processing

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The Loomis Company has a goal to be recognized by its clients as the best insurance services company in the United States. And because it generates more than 80% of its business as a third-party administrator for medical claims processing, Loomis focuses much of its resources into providing its customers the highest level of speed and accuracy.

In no other field is the need for correct information as great as in the healthcare market. Therefore, Loomis knows how imperative it is to ensure maximum data accuracy for all its clients.

Achieving the highest level of data accuracy often comes with a price. It takes time to get everything right. Originally, Loomis relied on a manual data entry staff to key the data from the incoming medical claim forms (i.e., HCFAs and UB92s).

With thousands of claims arriving daily, Loomis started to look for a solution to not only increase the turnaround time, but also to maintain its high data accuracy and improve customer service levels. Also, Loomis wanted the solution to have the ability to do electronic document imaging. A tall order, but not as difficult to achieve as Loomis might have feared.

Download the complete case study now.