Security Software

Source: Mission Critical Systems, Inc.
Check Point FireWall-1 is one of the market's leading firewall platforms
Mission Critical Systems, Inc.any%> provide security software for commercial enterprises. Products include:

Check Point FireWall-1 is one of the market's leading firewall platforms. Its stateful-inspection engine provides security, with flexibility and one of the fastest throughputs of any firewall on the market today!

Bay Networks' complete line of network products can help you design secure network implementations and provide integration with FireWall-1, enabling customers to enforce access control policies across virtual LANs and campus backbones.

The Shiva product line enables secure remote communications throughout the enterprise. Shiva's Access Manager RADIUS-server consolidates user authentication and access control into a single management platform.

WebSENSE fine-tunes your Internet access policy by monitoring and/or blocking Internet sites that do not conform with your company usage policy. With WebSENSE in place, you'll easily minimize unprofessional Internet use.

ViruSafe FireWall by eSafe is a powerful anti-virus gateway which provides full virus protection for any connection established through FireWall-1 software. Seamless integration is achieved by defining the anti-virus policy through FireWall-1's rule base editor.

PGP for Personal Privacy is an excellent solution for easy encryption of email, attachments and files. With a single click of the mouse button even novices can encrypt, decrypt and/or digitally sign messages from within most email packages, including Eudora and Netscape Mail.

TimeStep's PERMIT technology allows your organization to take advantage of the convenience and cost savings available from using the Internet as opposed to leased lines and dial-up access.

Security Dynamic's token-based authentication products provide an easy, one step process to positively identify network and system users and prevent unauthorized access. The SecurID token generates a new, unpredictable access code every 60 seconds.