Company Profile | January 1, 1996

Scruggs Consulting

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Scruggs Consulting
For those of you wondering, the name comes from an Old English representation of low-lying vegetation. In that respect, it has nothing to do with what we do…

…which is…

We're an actuarial and information services firm that specializes in the construction, evaluation, and effective deployment of sophisticated quantitative information.

(Pretty exciting, don't you think? Remember, the most popular people at school were always the jocks, the cheerleaders, and those of us who knew calculus.)

With respect to property and casualty exposures to risk, we offer highly-skilled expertise in the analysis and evaluation of the financial implications of future contingent events. Furthermore, we possess significant knowledge related to the practical environment in which these risks occur.

(Feel that adrenaline rush? Now for the good stuff!)


We locate it, capture it, scrub it, organize it, interpret it, and make it work for you. If Actuarial and Information skills can help solve your problems or advance your initiatives, we need to get together. From consulting to outsourcing, no other organization can match our quick-strike service approach. Couple that with our high-bandwidth knowledge and experience, and you have the right business partner for mission-critical situations.

We want to be your ideal Actuarial and Information resource. We admit to the characteristics described above, but we actually provide the aptitude without the often associated attitude. We don't simply advertise good service. We deliver it. Quickly and effectively. Dependably and courteously. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

Since 1991, SCruggs has been doing more than just helping our clients forecast the future. We've been helping them build it. To accomplish this, we deploy a wide array of both classical and contemporary Actuarial and Information services:

Claims Performance Review (CPR™)Product Development
IS/IT Consulting Regulatory Support
Mergers & Acquisitions Reserve Analysis
Litigation Support Model Design and Development
Management Consulting Reinsurance