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Scan Orders, Save Money

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Used with permission from Integrated Solutions magazine

Many argue that the rise of e-commerce will soon make the mail order catalog a thing of the past. Try telling that to Gary Porto, VP of operations for Dr. Leonard's Healthcare Corp. Dr. Leonard's produces two mail order and online catalogs, the Dr. Leonard's healthcare catalog and Carol Wright Gifts. These catalogs specialize in health and home comfort products such as air purifiers, blood pressure monitors, and nose hair trimmers. While Porto agrees that Web orders are the most efficient -- allowing a customer order to be automatically downloaded to a company's mainframe -- he feels the day when the Internet completely replaces the mail order is still a long way off.

"We only get about 10% of our orders through the Web," says Porto. "We take nearly 40% over the phone, but the majority of our orders are still received in the mail. Most of our clients are senior citizens, and the majority of this demographic has not kept pace with the technology curve. Many don't own a computer and have never even been online. This group is most comfortable placing orders by mail."

Download the complete case study now.