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SafetyOfficeSuite® Features:
  • Bundled package - OSHALOG® 300 and TRAINLOGTM
  • Save $99.00 with the bundle
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SafetyOfficeSuite® Features:
  • Bundled package - OSHALOG® 300 and TRAINLOGTM
  • Save $99.00 with the bundle
  • Use shared Employee database
  • Includes OSHACoachTM and TRAINCoachTM

Accomplish all your OSHA compliance, training record management and Personal Equipment recordkeeping tasks with this complete package! Track all types of incidents, accidents, illnesses/injuries, manage all training records, scheduling, reminders and required training linked to personal protective equipment. Organizing all of this vital information has never been easier. Two great programs bundled together for one great price. Both programs share a database so data entry is reduced to a minimum! Special features OSHACoachTM, hypertext online help system, TRAINCoachTM keep you up to date on OSHA requirements.

SafetyOfficeSuite® Features:

  • Automatically fills out OSHA Forms 300, 300A and 301
  • Record all events and incidents, OSHA cases, first aid, third party and vehicle accidents
  • Calculate OSHA incident rates - know your DART rate - compare info
  • Automatic days away/restricted days calculator
  • Add any type of training course for any subject
  • Pre-loaded courses included to save you tine - or add your own
  • Increase accuracy of training scheduling
  • Integrate employee information, job titles, training and hazard assessments
  • Track commercial drivers licenses and reminders for renewal
  • Track and build histories on physicals, drug tests and IH exposures
  • Extensive analytical reporting system includes reminders
  • Conduct hazard assessments with links to PPE requirements
  • Track all PPE issue/returns automatically, including costs
  • Document any recordable or non-recordable incident, including third party
  • Classify your incidents as "first-aid", "workers compensation", or "off the job" - know all of the incidents and types that occur in your facility
  • Utilize "near miss" category to aid in accident prevention reporting
  • Keep records consistent with pre-populated accident factor lookup tables
  • Automatic backup of data every time you exit the program
  • Export to spreadsheets or word processors
  • Editable pre-populated lookup tables for injuries, illnesses, and body part descriptions
  • Fast global search capability for all records and tables
  • Extensive narrative capability for notes, case follow-ups, etc.
  • Colour reports and graphs for in-depth data analysis
  • Analyze incidents by type, cause, supervisor, department, job title, employee, injury, etc.
  • Use optional password access and administrator rights

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