RISKMASTER Incident System

Source: Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)
RISKMASTER Incident System
Patient, Medication, Equipment… Tracking & Reporting
Patient, Medication, Equipment… Tracking & Reporting

RISKMASTER's Incident/Occurrence system helps hospitals, managed care organizations and other healthcare facilities to track incidents, potential claims or other quality related healthcare concerns. It tracks any typical potential event and related outcome screening criteria for high-risk or problem-prone areas. Typical data collected include patient slips or falls, medication occurrences, safety issues, equipment-related incidents and more.

Complete Record Management
Data can be entered on either a concurrent or retrospective basis. It can also be collected at individual hospital sites and then if needed, uploaded at a corporate office for further consolidated reporting. Users have full record management of inpatient, outpatient, same-day surgery patient, employee or visitor incidents. By using special Dynamic Group Association data fields and data flow functions customized data entry can best follow a changing and variable incident data report. Users will be able to leverage the reporting capabilities within the system to analyze incidents across any number of parameters including incidents by facility, unit, floor, incident type, patient age group or incident category. Users can also monitor information such as type of treatment, attending physician, witnesses and severity.

Almost every facility will have a need to add additional data items to the Incident/Occurrence system that are unique to that entity's source forms, data needs and loss control goals. The Incident/Occurrence system lets users add an unlimited number of data elements to the system. New data fields can be added or deleted with proper security in just seconds by answering a few questions.

Comprehensive Tracks basic information about the nature of the incident such as incident type, date of incident, time of incident, location and type of injury, action taken, patient medical record number, witnesses, patient condition and
assigned unit.

To track employee and visitor
incidents, separate sections keep Incident/Occurrence system also supports MedWatch reporting as part of the FDA suggested requirements for medical devices and drug reactions.

Features Include

  • Customizable Quick Entry/Quick View System (All claim function perspectives)
  • Provides audit trails
  • Integrated report writer with standard and custom reports
  • Ad-hoc and graphical reporting
  • Reports analyze incidents by facility, category, type, unit, floor, event, patient data, witnesses, physician files, severity, treatment, actions, outcome…
  • Previews reports and graphs
  • Imports patient, employee and clinical information from other databases
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office for mail merges
  • Supports direct scanning of documents
  • Supports unlimited multimedia file attachments to events
  • Facilitates development of safety and/or loss prevention programs
  • Imports reports of personal injury data from other data sources
  • Integrates Sentinel Events and Root Cause analysis