QualCorp, Inc. Completes Integration With Premium Financing Specialists

Source: QualCorp, Inc.

Allen Beggs, President and co founder of QualCorp, Inc. announced that they have just completed the integration of their policy administration/issuance system - FormsPlus Enterprise and Premium Finance Specialist (PFS).

Heading up the new development project was Sr. Programming Engineers, Mark Morrow and Sharon Clarke of QualCorp, Inc. and Ray Ruess, Manager of Agency Services of PFS.

"QualCorp, Inc. and PFS currently has MGA customers under contract for the integration of the two products." Commented Allen Beggs. After each transaction occurs, FormsPlus exports an XML data stream directly to the PFS product. "This partnership eliminate duplicate data entry and reduces errors which is very important to our customers.

"Ray Ruess indicates "The FormsPlus user will select the client name and address information, plus information about the policy (or policies) they want to finance. FormsPlus will put the selected data into a pre-defined XML file and call our WhiteBox program. Our WhiteBox program parses the data to insure validity and passes it along to the PFS Quote database and starts our PFS Quote program. The user can make final edits to the data while on our entry screen and then print the premium finance agreement to send to the insured for signature. When our program is done, it ends and returns control back to FormsPlus."

SOURCE: QualCorp, Inc.