QualCorp, Inc. Completes Integration With Agency Systems

Source: QualCorp, Inc.

Allen Beggs, President and co founder of QualCorp, Inc. announced that they have just completed the integration of their policy administration/issuance system - FormsPlus Enterprise and Agency Systems MGA/Wholesale Accounting Software.

Heading up the new development project was Sr. Programming Engineer, Mark Morrow of QualCorp, Inc. and Sr. Project Manager Alan Bryant of Agency Systems.

"QualCorp, Inc. and Agency Systems currently have four MGA customers under contract for the integration of the two products." Commented Allen Beggs. After each transaction occurs, FormsPlus exports an XML data stream directly to the Agency Systems product.

Dana Platt of Agency Systems says the "The advantage to our customers is huge. There is no duplicate data entry from policy/endorsement/renewal/reinstatement or cancellation issuance in FormsPlus to accounting in Agency Systems, as billing transactions are now created automatically. The MGA's that utilize our two products will see increased productivity, a decrease in the number of errors and more accurate reports."

SOURCE: QualCorp, Inc.