Source: AMS Services, Inc.
Has the question of automating your agency been hanging over your head for too long?
Has the question of automating your agency been hanging over your head for too long?

Prime has been the answer for thousands of agencies in your situation. Their satisfaction is the single reason that you should join them - but here are more!

NEW Version 4.0 - 4.0 adds a Policy Explorer feature that provides an additional graphic view of policy data, enhances support for Commercial Lines, adds new alert features to the customer file and the ability to record EFT, debit card and ATM transactions as well as updated ACORD forms and enhanced accounting reports.

  • Reliability
  • - Prime is tested and proven. It's been used for a longer time by more agencies than any other 32-bit system.
  • Excellent Training and Support
  • - You have many choices for your complete training from the Interactive Multimedia Training CD-ROM's that come with your system to phone based trainers and regional, scheduled classes. You can even have a Prime trainer come to your office.
  • Easy, Time-saving Workflow
  • - The tasks that you and your staff spend so much time doing are performed with simple clicks of your mouse.
  • Price
  • - The price tag for your Prime is a fraction of other systems. If you are a small office, you may not even need to buy a server -- saving you thousands. No Prime customer has ever been charged for an upgrade or update. Ask other vendors about that!
  • Integration and Interface
  • - Prime seamlessly integrates with TransactNOW and the leading rating software. It also uploads and downloads policy information with carriers - eliminating wasted time and paper!
  • Accounting
  • - Your direct-billed and agency-billed accounting transactions are initiated by Prime each time you perform an endorsement or create a new policy.
  • Reports
  • - Your most requested reports are created with one click!
  • Huge Customer Base
  • - More than 3,800 agencies are using Prime! As an added benefit, you will join our independent National Users' Group - dues are part of your support fees. Your fellow members can compare notes and tips that have helped them.