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OCR Goes Hollywood

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Used with permission from Business Solutions magazine

When you think of the current high growth markets for OCR (optical character recognition) technology, the financial, insurance, and healthcare industries immediately come to mind. One wouldn't instinctively include the entertainment industry on this list, but consider this: consumers spend more than $100 billion a year on entertainment in the United States alone. This market is expected to add another $20 billion by 2010 sparked by digital television sales, the next wave of video game consoles, and the continuing rise of DVD. All of this spending translates to a wide variety of remittance documents that entertainment companies must process. The length and detail of these documents make them well suited for the automation benefits that OCR can deliver.

While no one would argue that the OCR opportunities in entertainment are as abundant as they are in finance or healthcare, the lack of attention being paid to this vertical could make it a potential source of profitability for VARs. Streamline Strategies, Inc. is a case in point. This VAR has built its core business around developing and installing OCR systems for movie studios. By continuing to focus on this industry segment -- whose theatrical films, DVDs, and home videos account for nearly one-third of the $100 billion entertainment market -- Streamline Strategies expects to increase revenue by 50% this year.

Download the complete case study now.