News | July 17, 2015

Norcom Takes A Step Toward Reducing Their Carbon Footprint

Avon, IN /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ - Norcom Mortgage and Insurance is pleased to announce we have just become a little greener. Recently, Norcom had Ross Solar Group, an award winning solar company based in Danbury, Connecticut, install 572 solar panels and five inverters on the roof of our corporate office in Avon, Connecticut. With these solar panels, we will be able to produce about 150,000 kWh annually. If you factor in the expected utility cost over the next 20 years, it will be a cost savings of $25,000-$40,000 per year.

Ross Solar Group scaled the project so Norcom will produce as much energy as what we have historically consumed. If there are months that we produce more energy than we consume, it will be sent back to the grid. Norcom will act as an energy supplier that Eversource purchases energy from and gives us a credit for that billing month. Not only will these solar panels help to reduce cost, but they will also allow us to derive clean, pure energy from the sun, reducing our carbon footprint. The solar panels will help to combat greenhouse gas emissions and global warming while reducing our collective dependence on fossil fuel.

The President and CEO of Norcom, Philip Defronzo says, "Installing solar panels was a no brainer. As a company, we are dedicated to quality, mindfulness, and operational efficiency. Solar panels will help us to further achieve this. These solar panels will allow Norcom to become more sustainable, lower our operating expenses and assist our community; all while helping to protect our environment."

SOURCE: Norcom Mortgage and Insurance

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