Network Security

Source: Mission Critical Systems, Inc.
Mission Critical Systems focus on protecting organizations' confidential information from unauthorized access
Mission Critical Systems, Inc.any%> focus on protecting organizations' confidential information from unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or destruction. The company specializes in implementing security in large, complex networking environments through a number of services and software.

  • MCS Security Assessments employ penetration testing to internally review an organization's network and discover its level of exposure. Over 130 checks are done to locate any security holes within a protocol and to assess what can be done to guard against hackers.
  • MCS Security Policy Development reviews current security policies and procedures to assess their "weak spots," and creates new policies, including policy enforcement. This can include managing user accounts, access controls, protections against compromise and physical security.
  • MCS network security engineers will monitor your network for security violations and intrusion attempts on a 24 hour-7days- a-week basis, through the company's Remote Intrusion Monitoring process.
  • Customized training and consulting packages can be developed based on your organization's individual needs.
  • Firewall protection is one of the most valuable mechanisms an organization can employ to safeguard the internal network. Mission Critical Systems is an authorized reseller and installer of Check Point Software Technologies line of security products, including Firewall-1.
  • MCS can assist an organization introduce data encryption as the incidence of laptop theft increases and hacking tools intercept unsecured data over the Internet. Using virtual private networks (VPNs), MCS can facilitate protected communications across the Internet.
  • The company can also provide personal indentification numbers (PIN), passwords and token cards to identify and authenticate authorized system users.

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