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LeasePlan Finds A Solution For Any Invoice It Receives

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Since 1963, LeasePlan has been operating fleets of automobiles for more than 1,800 corporations and organizations around the world. Today, LeasePlan operates a global fleet of more than 1.2 million cars. They estimate that every minute of the day, LeasePlan buys a brand new car for their ever-growing fleet.

At their office in Oslo, Norway, invoice processing was one of the areas LeasePlan needed to guarantee complete data accuracy. LeasePlan does business with more than 4,000 different vendors, from auto manufacturers, to insurance companies, to repair shops, to petrol stations. Each one of these expenses and services must be correctly calculated up front in LeasePlan's Open Calculation to keep the company profitable.

LeasePlan had relied on a manual system of keying data from incoming paper invoices into their A/P system. Currently LeasePlan processes approximately 500 invoices per day at their offices in Norway. To minimize human errors and the expense involved in manual invoice processing, LeasePlan Norway chose to move to an automated system. LeasePlan's IT Project Leader, Pål Balke, began looking for the best automated solution to meet their needs. Balke contacted local technology reseller KIBI to assist in the search.

Download the complete case study now.