Lapdog: The Portable Workplace

Source: Shaun Jackson Design Inc.
Lapdog: The Portable Workplace
Lapdog is a portable workplace
Lapdog is a portable workplace. What first appears to be just a padded carrying case for a computer unfolds in seconds for use on user's lap, on an airline tray, or onto any work surface, and becomes a completely functional mobile office or work station.

The keys to its effectiveness lie in its unique closure system and non slip surfaces that lets customers use laptops comfortably and securely anytime, anyplace, anywhere. The padded, fold open pockets provide both accessible storage for computer accessories (batteries, external drives, paper, removable media, etc.) and complete protection for the laptop when folded into their closed, briefcase position. The lapdog comes with a padded, ergonomically designed shoulder strap and is constructed of rugged 1050 denier ballistics nylon. This handsome and functional device creates a portable work environment for today's mobile professionals.

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