Job Evaluator ToolBox Software

Source: ErgoWeb, Inc.
Job Evaluator ToolBox Software
Job Evaluator ToolBox Software
  • Allows users to simulate the physical functions of workplaces
  • Features an online ergonomic assessment for individual employee's workstations, postures, and work patterns
  • Developed by professional Ergonomists at the University of Utah
  • Includes example interview, symptom survey, and checklist forms
  • Create printable, customizable reports
  • Risk prioritization allows you to wisely spend time and resources addressing high risk tasks
  • Save money and time while performing ergonomic evaluations

Job Evaluator ToolBox Software

ErgoWeb's JET Software is made up of a suite of 13 ergonomic job evaluation methods. These methods are used to identify and control ergonomic concerns, including, but not limited to, manufacturing, warehousing, assembly, and office facilities.

JET Software consists of peer reviewed, published methodologies recognized and used by professionals, yet it is very easy to use and understand by users of all skill levels.

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