Case Study

Imaging And ECM Save More Than Just Time And Money

Using technology to decrease time spent printing documents and processing mail might seem simple, but at CAA SCO, the impact of the initiative went far beyond time and money. To achieve the highest rated customer service among AAA clubs, CAA SCO identified the need to reinvest in imaging technology. Their core mission – providing exceptional service and high value to members – was plagued by a legacy document imaging system that impeded access to customer files, creating process bottlenecks across the enterprise. In order to ingest information from any source, staff members had to print documents, send them to the mail room, then wait for them to be scanned and indexed – a process that could take a week or more. Incoming correspondence from customers, whether by mail, fax, or EDI, had to be routed through this process, creating mountains of tedious, administrative work. This also created challenges in maintaining service levels in claims processing and made it difficult to efficiently turn around policy documentation for agents and customers. When members called with questions about their claim status, it sometimes took days to find the information to address their issues, causing frustration and rising service costs. Because their document imaging system was no longer supported by the original vendor but was mission-critical to their business, CAA SCO found themselves with limited options and elected to replace the system since their core mission was being hampered rather than supported by technology.