Case Study

How Do The Best Insurance Companies Automate Their Claims Processing

Source: OPEX Corporation
Automate Claims Processing

If you were the largest Property and Casualty insurer in your state with over 170 agent offices and 15 claim locations and needed to automate your paper-based claims process, how would you go about doing it? “Good question,” you say? Well, here’s one good answer:


It all began for this insurer with a candid evaluation of their existing claims process. They quickly determined that there had to be a better way. The claims document procedure was predominantly a manual, paper-based system. Sharing documents and collaboration between claims offices was limited at best. It was difficult for individuals to work out of the same paper claim file at the same time. It was clear a new electronic claim file process was needed. Claims management staff realized they needed a system that would not only allow for collaboration between offices but provide a secure repository for scanned documents. A well-structured yet aggressive plan to tame the volumes of incoming claims documents was needed.

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