Flood Products

Source: VISTAinfo
Our experienced flood map research team manually verifies the boundaries for residential properties
  • Residential Properties
    Our experienced flood map research team manually verifies the boundaries for residential properties that are:
  • large
  • irregularly-shaped or
  • border a flood zone
  • Residential flood certificates.

  • Commercial and Agricultural Properties

    Our flood map research team manually investigates property boundaries, as well as the locations of known structures, to give our customers the most accurate determinations possible for agricultural or commercial properties of any size or shape.

  • Basic Life-of-Loan Tracking

    The Basic Life-of-Loan tracking program monitors all FEMA flood map and program status changes for the life of the loan for a nominal one-time fee. A new certificate is issued, at no additional charge, if there is a change in the flood zone or program status of a property at any time during the life of the loan. This service is transferable if the loan or servicing is sold.

  • Recertified Life-of-Loan Tracking

    The Recertified Life-of-Loan tracking service is a cost-effective way to bring older or lender-acquired portfolios into compliance with current regulations or risk management policies. An initial certification, with a small tracking set-up fee, brings a lender into compliance with current guidelines and regulations, and all costs can be passed on to the borrower. This service is not transferable with a portfolio, and there are no additional fees unless a recertification is necessary due to a change in the FEMA flood map or program status.

    NFIP/WYO policies are available as a convenience to the borrower at closing or during the force-placing process. These flood policies are offered to the borrower at the standard government rate whenever possible, thereby maintaining customer goodwill.

  • Force Placed Policies

    A force placed policy allows the lender to stay in compliance with all secondary market regulatory requirements, as well as with the 1994 National Flood Insurance Reform Act regulations, while helping to ensure that the borrower receives the best available rates. In an effort to maintain a high level of customer service, our experienced in-house underwriting staff uses multiple force placing facilities, as well as the best available and most efficient policy rate management practices.

  • Portfolio Insurance

    Portfolio insurance provides:

  • automatic flood coverage during audits
  • interim coverage on exposed properties during a letter cycle
  • extended interim coverage for borrowers who opt to purchase standard flood policies to cover the 30-day waiting period.
      Portfolio insurance coverage is always provided when a lender has agreed to our portfolio audit, tracking and insurance placement services.

  • Insurance Tracking Services

    We provide provide a complete insurance tracking solution for a mortgage loan portfolio including:

  • tracking policy renewals
  • updating files for endorsements and cancellations
  • taking borrower service calls
  • sending borrower notification letters
  • providing force placed insurance services when necessary.

  • Compliance Servicing Bundle
    Lenders also use us as a full compliance servicer to:
  • track FEMA flood map and status changes
  • provide updated certifications where applicable
  • track, manage and update loan portfolio insurance services
  • provide blanket portfolio coverage
  • place insurance coverage when required.
    VISTAinfo is capable of acting as the lender's flood compliance servicer, helping to eliminate liability and properly manage collateral risk.

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