Fiserv Advanced Billing

Source: Fiserv
A Flexible, Web-Based Billing System for Property & Casualty insurance carriers
A Flexible, Web-Based Billing System

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  • Meets your needs, no matter what size your company is. N-tier architecture makes Fiserv Advanced Billing an excellent billing choice for any insurance company, regardless of size.
  • Offers opportunity for improving customer satisfaction with easy-to-change payment plans.
  • 24/7 access to the system via the Internet or home office intranet.


  • Browser-based, component technology
  • Payment plans for Direct Bill, Agency Bill, and Mortgagee Bill accounts
  • Integrated Client CORE® customer management module Platform independent
  • Services built around standard J2EE for portability across hardware platforms, middleware vendor application servers, data servers, messaging middleware products, and packages

Each bill your company issues grabs a customer's attention. What do your company's bills say about your firm at that high-impact moment? If your response doesn't include phrases like "customer-focused," "flexible," and "easy to do business with," then consider how Fiserv Advanced Billing can help.

Functionality and Technology

With Fiserv Advanced Billing, Property & Casualty insurers get great functionality from superior technology. Designed by insurance and technology pros, this billing system:

  • Manages billing of policy premium and account fees
  • Maintains installment and commission information
  • Calculates policy equity, and
  • Generates billing statements and other notices


What makes an insurance company easy to do business with? Customers want the flexibility of being able to change payment plans. Fiserv Advanced Billing allows payment plan changes at any time during the policy term. New installments are calculated based on the term of the policy and the selected payment plan. Previously billed installments change to an "unbilled" status, and payments made before the change to the payment plan are reapplied to the new installments.

Fiserv Advanced Billing also allows your company to define parameters so the system meets your needs. Payment plans can be set by account types, Personal/Commercial, states, and maximum policy term. (For example, your company can establish one payment plan allowing both Direct Bill and Agency Bill policies.) And, each combination can have its own fee and tolerance amounts.


Billing questions are easily researched and resolved because of the system's customer focus. Callers don't need an invoice or policy number to receive help immediately. Fiserv Advanced Billing integrates the Client CORE system, which houses all customer data such as associated names and addresses.

Your company can leverage the browser-based Fiserv Advanced Billing over the Internet and in the home office on an intranet.

Flexible. Easy to do business with. Customer-focused. Now that's how you want your customers to think of your organization. Contact Lloyd Benedict at to register for the next web seminar and see the system in action.

Combined Bill
A Billing System that Allows Insurers to Offer Flexible Payment Plans


  • Increased retention through bill plans tailored to prospects and clients
  • Efficient premium collection management
  • Excellent customer service through easy-to-use inquiry screens


  • Flexible company-defined payment plans
  • Variety of payment methods, including credit card, EFT, and payroll deduction
  • Installment schedule reflecting customer's selected payment method
  • Real-time updating of installment records
  • Account billing of any combination of policy types and effective dates
  • Group or list billing for group marketing


  • Licensed or ASP
  • Web-enabled version

The Fiserv AIS billing system offers flexible bill plans to help you:

  • Expand your market share
  • Increase your customer retention
  • Keep insureds satisfied

The system supports personal and commercial lines of business in any combination: single policy, account, or group billing, even with different effective and expiration dates. The Fiserv AIS billing system manages the entire collection process using bill plan criteria your company defines. Bill plan variables include billing frequency, times to bill, service charges, fees, and much more.

Your company sets and maintains all bill plan variables in tables on a personal computer, virtually eliminating programming changes. System design also makes it easy to interface to other policy systems. Besides the system flexibility, your company gains other valuable ways to stay in contact with your customers and agents. The billing system can generate notices for Internet delivery, which saves mailing and handling and helps get payments in the door faster.