eSelfService Plus

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eSelfService Plus
Raise customer satisfaction and lower costs with eSelfService Plus
Raise customer satisfaction and lower costs with eSelfService Plus

Internet-savvy customers like the convenience of 24/7 self-service, and satisfied customers are retained customers. With MaxSol's no-fuss eSelfService Plus your customers get instant answers to simple questions about their policies and can even run iterative quotes on new coverage. Plus cross selling opportunities increase because you can introduce them to other products that you offer – such as life or health insurance – while they're viewing their policy information.

Direct information access
Customers can directly access current information over the Internet without compromising privacy, including:

  • Policy details
  • Renewal information
  • Claims status
  • Billing status
  • Print ID cards and insurance certificates

Online quotes
Enables your customers to run iterative quotes on new coverage. It supports the following lines of business:
  • Auto
  • Home
  • BOP
  • Workers compensation
  • Motorcycle
  • Non-standard auto and affinity programs

More effective operations
  • Customers can contact the agency directly with questions by simply clicking on the ‘call me now' button
  • Customer self-service reduces administrative cycles
  • Cookie-free, military-strength security for both back-end databases and the Internet
  • Controlled data access through ‘need-to-know' protection
  • Lets you distinguish your company in a competitive marketplace
  • Leverages existing systems by accessing, translating, integrating and aggregating from
  • multiple, disparate systems, including carrier, agency, MGU, broker, aggregator, and other systems
  • Delivers direct, live access to the most current data
  • 95% ready out of the box; customize by point and click configuration

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