ERP Package Implementation and Customization

Source: UBICS, Inc.
Enterprise Solutions was established in June 1998 to service clients in enterprise resource planning systems such as Baan, JD Edwards, Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP.

Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Implementation of packaged software solutions
  • Customization
  • Integration
  • Data modeling
  • System support
  • Database administration
  • End-user training

Enterprise Solutions was established in June 1998 to service clients in enterprise resource planning systems such as Baan, JD Edwards, Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP. Our mission is to help our clients function at optimal levels by supplying high-demand, high-quality ERP professionals in a cost-effective, time-efficient manner, thus enabling our customers to achieve and maintain maximum competitive advantage. In our short history, we've had a number of successes as outlined in these case studies.

Case Studies

One of UBICS' consultants was involved in a project with an automotive parts manufacturer. Baan IVc was used as the core ERP package, and an interface was created with Lawson, a third party software. Baan Common, Distribution, Manufacturing and Finance modules were implemented. Sales contract and order replenishment functionality were also implemented in the system. The responsibilities of our consultant included the following:

  • Development of new reports as per client specification
  • Active participation in requirement analysis; close interaction with functional consultants
  • Problem solving and bug fixing
  • Providing of suggestions and optimization tips
  • Development of new Baan sessions to launch Safari Reports so as to provide the user with a common look and feel to the data entry screens

UBICS consultants on assignment with a surgical eye products manufacturer in California were members of a team involved in a nine-month project to customize the newly-implemented Baan application software at the company. This included using interface packages such as the Tandeta system and EDI to move data from the company's AS/400 system to the new Baan system. Team members also modified, developed and designed the software as necessary to meet the users' needs. The project team worked with Distribution, Manufacturing and Financials while simultaneously providing the necessary training to employees to make the transition to a Baan system effortless and efficient.

JD Edwards
A major pipe and plastic manufacturing company in New York State recently purchased JD Edwards World software from a JD Edwards Business Partner. During implementation, there were numerous problems that occurred, a significant contributing factor being the lack of product knowledge by the implementation team members. The financial suite was properly implemented; however, the company was unable to locate an IT professional with the JD Edwards expertise necessary to train their personnel and effectively migrate the company's data from their former system. The AAI portion was a major stumbling block for the implementation team. The company spent thousands of dollars on this before realizing that no progress was being made. In an effort to rectify the situation, they contacted other companies, but their consultants were unsuccessful in their attempts to remedy the matter. More money had been spent fruitlessly.

The company then contacted their AS/400 representative in search of anyone who could help with this predicament. Numerous phone calls led to UBICS. We immediately put one of our consultants in contact with the customer. They spoke for an hour over the phone one evening, already resolving some of the persisting issues. In order to complete the project and provide training to the client's staff, the consultant flew to the client site, arriving at 9:00 a.m. She made the necessary corrections to the programs and trained the staff while she worked, finishing by 4:30 p.m. The customer, both relieved that the issue was resolved and extremely pleased with our consultant's performance, notified his AS/400 representative the next morning with the news that they were up and running with no problems and extended his thanks to both the AS/400 representative and to UBICS.

Oracle Apps
UBICS consultants were part of a project team involved in a $35 million project at an engine manufacturing company to implement a global, enterprise-wide solution (Financial and Manufacturing Applications) for all of the company's locations.

This project involved the implementation of Oracle Financials and Manufacturing modules with on-line user interaction. The set-up of all modules was modified based on user feedback and requirements, and each module was lead by a technical leader responsible for all conversions, set-ups and implementation.

Data was moved from the existing IBM Mainframe to the Oracle database with data from vendors worldwide and was moved using EDI scripts. The project team's task was to modify and develop complex, new reports customized to suit user requirements, systems analysis, and test plan execution. The team also acted as a user-support group responsible for resolving user bug issues.

Through the development of this Oracle database and Oracle Financials and Manufacturing Application, the project team helped the client company operate faster and more efficiently.

UBICS consultants worked as part of a project team at a mutual funds company. The team was involved in upgrading the existing PeopleSoft HRMS modules from version 5.12 to version 7.0. This upgrade involves transferring Human Resources, Benefits, Payroll and Training Administration-related data from legacy systems to the PeopleSoft system. Upon completion, this will allow our client to operate on a cleaner, more efficient system that increases availability of pertinent Human Resources-related data. The upgraded PeopleSoft system can also be accessed by employees online through the company's Web site.

A large Midwest retail business is implementing SAP in a multinational and multilingual environment with the help of a senior UBICS consultant who is a member of the company's project team. MM, SD, FI, PP, CO and SM were successfully implemented in four plants and six organizational units. The project included:
- RF integration for handheld computers to an SAP system
- Mainframe integration to SAP
- Manugistics implementation for DRP and its integration with SAP
- A fully-functional Web integration for SAP's SD and MM processes
- Functional integration of SAP with automated picking, packing, routing and credit card approval systems using Work Flow.

This implementation also empowered Corporate Purchasing to secure better pricing from vendors. Effective routing of finished and sub-assembled items to plants, warehouses and wholesale units was made possible. Production floor waste was reduced by effective use of a bill of materials. The use of EDI and Web technology is also allowing the company to move toward its objective of a paperless office. By allowing the client company to centrally maintain customer data and provide uniform services to time-conscious customers, the project team helped the company achieve greater customer satisfaction.

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