News | May 18, 2007

ECM Reseller: Stellar Office Solutions Becomes AnyDoc Software Reseller


AnyDoc Software, one of the leading provider of automated document and data capture solutions, announced recently the addition of Stellar Office Solutions, LLC to its exclusive Value-Added Reseller (VAR) channel. Headquartered in Liverpool, NY, Stellar Office Solutions will offer a variety of AnyDoc Software solutions targeted toward organizations of all types that are currently dependant upon paper-intensive processes.

James Antonacci, Jr., president and CEO of Stellar Office Solutions, said "We know the benefits of an AnyDoc solution firsthand – our initial experience with AnyDoc was as a customer." He continued, "Impressed with the added productivity and cost-savings the solution continues to bring to our organization, we established Stellar as a stand-alone company and joined AnyDoc's reseller channel."

Processing time for the documents at Stellar's parent company used to take three days – the AnyDoc solution has reduced that to just four hours. In addition, data accuracy has increased and the company now processes the same number of documents with 30 percent fewer staff. Employees can now devote a higher percentage of their day to customer service rather than tracking down data errors or paper files and manually keying data.

As certified end-users of AnyDoc's software for the past three years, Stellar's "insider" expertise will allow them to bring a unique and valuable perspective to customers. Not only do employees utilize an AnyDoc solution on a daily basis, but they have undergone a successful document and data capture software implementation from a customer perspective.

"It's a compliment to us that one of our customers is now part of our exclusive reseller channel," said Samuel Schrage, president of AnyDoc software. "We expect Stellar will be successful not only because of their knowledge and skills but also due to the credibility their customer experience gives them in the market place."

About AnyDoc Software
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