E-Commerce Applications Design and Development

Source: UBICS, Inc.
Web development, Internet/Intranet solutions, Applet developments, Workflow, Firewalls (Security)

  • Web development
  • Internet/Intranet solutions
  • Applet developments
  • Workflow
  • Firewalls (Security)

Case Studies

A UBICS consultant is currently involved in a client company's major effort to make warranties available to the consumer via the Internet. The company is creating a user-friendly graphical interface over the Internet to first service the automotive division. This site will act as a sales agent to gather customer information, furnish cyber-consumers with warranty quotes and sell warranty contracts. Warranty claims data will be transferred to the companies that service the claims. Contract information will be stored with the company itself while a separate application will process the warranty contract request. During this process, customer and vehicle information will be validated and payment processed. Once the contract is issued and the request has been validated, the information is transferred to the bank and to the appropriate claims agent. The responsibilities of the UBICS consultant include:

  • Design and development of the user interface using Visual Interdev/ASP/ DHTML
  • Design, development and implementation of ActiveX/COM Object using Visual Basic 6.0 Design and development of Stored Procedure on the Back End (SQL Server 7.0)
  • Implementation of e-commerce for online money transactions using Cybercash 3.2
  • Implementation of AdServer and Analyzer

One of UBICS' consultants worked on a project involving the scheduling system of the flight attendants for a major airline. This system allowed flight crews the ability to bid for and schedule work over the Internet. Responsibilities included designing, developing and training other team members in the latest Internet technologies. The application is an Internet applet accessible from any browser and performs the following functions:

  • Allows the flight attendants to bid for their schedule in a time efficient way.
  • The application has a complex user interface to allow the flight attendants to choose their preferences for their schedule.
  • The program then stores the preferences for subsequent retrievals.
  • The program uses the preferences to sort the lines available for the coming month's schedule for the flight attendant and then displays them to the user in an informative and simple manner.

The development of the scheduling system required our consultant to have skills/experience in the following areas: Java, Informix, IE, NetScape, HTML, Servlets, JDBC, RMI, Apache, JRUN, Windows NT, Solaris 2.6.

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