Article | July 30, 2018

Disorder In The Court: The Case For Document Scanning In The Legal, Insurance Industries

Source: OPEX Corporation

Law firms and insurance companies are caught in the intersection of three common document management challenges – they process a high volume of documents; they are subject to stringent state and federal regulatory requirements; and they have to maintain their documents for retrieval for lengthy periods of time.

Law firms have to manage a large number of documents. The discovery process for a single case could include hundreds or thousands of pages of statements, drawings, photographs, handwritten materials, police records, and more. To process a single claim, an insurance company may have to process handwritten forms, billing statements, receipts, accident reports, X-rays, and images.

The number of documents and the variety of size and format make them difficult to manage, expensive to store, and easy to lose. Off-the-shelf scanning solutions can help, but they require additional labor to handle the potentially high volume of document preparation before scanning even starts.

An enterprise-grade scanning and document solution can reduce costs, save time, boost productivity, and even reduce risk in the legal and insurance sectors. By digitizing documents as soon as they arrive, these businesses can not only reduce their paper-handling headaches, but also create additional benefits.