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Demotech Presents To Insurance Accounting & Systems Association

Columbus, OH /PRNewswire/ - On October 22, 2018, Joseph L. Petrelli presented "Thoughts on Insurer Financial Analysis with a Focus on the Sunshine State" to the Sunshine State Chapter of the Insurance Accounting and Systems Association. During his presentation, Petrelli discussed the depth and scope of an insurer's public information and the inferences that can be drawn from that information, facts to dispel the myth of P&C insurer diversification, and the importance of a review of vertical and horizontal reinsurance when assigning a rating to insurers.

According to Petrelli, "The key take away was regional and specialty insurers with rigorous vertical and horizontal catastrophe reinsurance programs present consumers with the opportunity to shop for price and service in a competitive marketplace."

About Demotech, Inc.
Demotech, Inc. is a financial analysis firm specializing in evaluating the financial stability of regional and specialty insurers. Since 1985, Demotech has served the insurance industry by assigning accurate, reliable and proven Financial Stability Ratings® (FSRs) for Property & Casualty insurers and Title underwriters. Demotech's philosophy is to review and evaluate insurers based on their area of focus and the execution of their business model rather than solely on financial size. Visit for more information.

About The Insurance Accounting & Systems Association, Inc.
The Insurance Accounting & Systems Association, Incorporated (IASA) is a non-profit, education association that strives to enhance the knowledge of insurance professionals, and participants from similar organizations closely allied with the insurance industry by facilitating the exchange of ideas and information. IASA is one of the insurance industry's largest, and most well represented trade associations. IASA membership includes insurance companies of all types (Property & Casualty, Life, Health, Fraternal, HMO and others) as members, as well as companies serving the insurance industry, regulators and also organizations more broadly representative of the financial services industry, including banks and investment brokerage firms.

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