Datacap Taskmaster Capture Software

Datacap Taskmaster Capture Software provides both document image indexing and advanced forms processing. Taskmaster's component-based design scales and configures to your business needs.

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Product Sheet: Datacap Reusable Rules
Product Sheet: Datacap Taskmaster Tasks

Integrated Data and Document Capture Software
Taskmaster is a complete solution for high volume data and document capture with robust forms processing. Taskmaster enables remote scanning and indexing in a browser and integrates with all leading content management software. Taskmaster's rules-driven capture workflow is easily tailored to fit dynamic business requirements. Taskmaster capture software combines the best OCR and ICR software recognition "engines" with a standard library of hundreds of script-based rules to find and validate data to accurately read structured and "unstructured" forms.

Forms Processing
If you need to capture data from structured or unstructured forms, Datacap's flexible electronic data capture software will help you scan, recognize, verify and export data and images quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.

Automated Document Image Indexing
If you need to capture document images and identify them for storage and retrieval, Taskmaster can help you index quickly and efficiently.

Remote and Distributed Capture
Taskmaster's true client server architecture enables a browser-based implementation. This capability means that not only can you reduce IT management costs in a centralized implementation, but also that a distributed, remote scanning and indexing implementation is much easier to implement.

Easily Adapts Taskmaster To Your Dynamic Business Rules
At every step in the capture process, flexible rules written in open, accessible Microsoft VBScript control what happens to each document. You can choose from hundreds of pre-built rules in the Rule Library, modify them, or create new rules without expensive programming.

Tightly Integrated with FileNet and Kofax
If you've already invested in capture software from FileNet or Kofax, you can easily add more functionality for production forms processing in these systems by running Taskmaster inside the FileNet or Kofax environment.

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Product Sheet: Datacap Reusable Rules
Product Sheet: Datacap Taskmaster Tasks