Database & Systems Administration

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Database administration, Datawarehousing, Network administration, Unix and Windows NT system administration

  • Database administration
  • Datawarehousing
  • Network administration
  • Unix and Windows NT system administration

Case Studies

Mortgage Company
UBICS was represented by one of our consultants on assignment at an East Coast mortgage company. The company's project team worked on various projects associated with the company's consolidation of systems as a result of a major acquisition. These projects ranged from tuning queries and databases as the number of users on existing systems grew, to making database changes in the form of new tables, columns and stored procedures to provide new functionality to existing systems. The project team was responsible for implementing the Sybase SQL monitor product on all servers in addition to providing initial testing and training to the client company's DBAs. The product is used by the DBA staff to monitor the performance of the company's Sybase servers and to identify causes of specific problems. The team also provided insight into the behavior of Sybase servers and gave suggestions on how to improve the performance of servers as the company migrates to System 11.

Delivery Services Company
UBICS made its mark as part of a team of database administrators working on an ongoing project for a global delivery services company. The project team is responsible for many functions including:
- Providing entity modeling and analysis of all UNIX database structures required for application development projects.
- Implementing and fully documenting physical databases created from design models for all new development database systems, including purge, conversion and replication strategies.
- Maintaining fully-documented schema and initiating schema changes for all major shared production databases.
- Providing high-level systems design and implementation architectures for cross-project issues.
- Participating in the evaluation and purchasing decision for database administration tools.
- Designing, building and maintaining data integrity and data completeness reporting systems.
- Providing sustaining engineering for general purpose servers and shared databases.

The project team's efforts provide company-wide access to consistent, complete, job-appropriate data within the required access times for all users. This is accomplished by providing flexible shared databases and efficient purpose services that accurately reflect the needs of the business while ensuring data integrity and ease of use for all clients. Easy access to this data is additionally supported by developing a data architecture and spearheading transitions toward an architectural environment that reduces sustaining engineering efforts by protecting applications from the impact of changes in the data stores and data messages.

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