News | September 28, 2007

Data Capture Solutions: Södra Älvsborg Hospital Selects AnyDoc Software To Automate Patient Records


AnyDoc Software, a leading provider of automated document and data capture solutions, announced recently Södra Älvsborg Hospital, has selected AnyDoc Patient Records to automate the classification and indexing of its nearly 4 million patient records generated each year. Södra Älvsborg Hospital, located in Borås, Sweden, serves more than 50,000 patients in the emergency room annually and has a total of 634 beds. The solution was offered by KIBI Sverige AB, a certified AnyDoc Software reseller.

AnyDoc Patient Records, powered by Infiniworx, will use a multi-level approach to automatically classify and index the approximately 300 different document types comprising the patient records at Södra Älvsborg Hospital. The solution will also increase document security during processing, replace error-prone manual activities with automated processes and reduce the opportunity for misfiled documents.

"We were impressed with the demonstrated ability of AnyDoc Patient Records to meet our needs. The joint proposal team of AnyDoc and KIBI was professional and very quickly understood exactly what we needed to accomplish," said Per Ljungblad, director of archive management at Södra Älvsborg Hospital. He continued, "AnyDoc Patient Records will allow us to be even more responsive to our patients by providing quick and accurate access to patient records when needed." SAS also expects to see gains in productivity by minimizing human error.

Currently, bins of paper records arrive at the hospital from 15 different clinics. Employees must manually identify, sort and index the 300 unique types of documents into only one of nine categories, making document retrieval more difficult. With AnyDoc Patient Records in place, each incoming document will be automatically classified as one of the 300 existing types of documents, grouped with the appropriate patient record and then indexed – saving time and increasing accuracy and confidentiality.

About Södra Älvsborg Hospital
Organized into five operational areas – medical specialties, operating specialties, psychiatry, medical services and hospital services, Södra Älvsborg Hospital (SAS) is located in the region of Västra Götaland, Sweden. SAS is a knowledge-based organization with a priority placed on training, research and patient participation in care management. Today, SAS employs 4,500 people. At SAS, approximately 2,500 births/deliveries occur each year and more than three million lab tests are performed annually. Please visit www.vgregion.sefor more information.

About AnyDoc Software
AnyDoc Software offers innovative document and data capture and classification solutions that have been the industry standard since 1991. Thousands of companies worldwide rely on AnyDoc solutions to eliminate millions of hours of manual data entry while improving productivity and accuracy. Any paper form, invoice and document can be automatically classified and processed with full data extraction without the need for manual keying. Clients include: Sony Pictures Entertainment, Circuit City, BlueCross BlueShield, the U.S. Census, LeasePlan, Zürcher Kantonalbank, Coop and more. For more information, please visit

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