News | May 21, 2007

Data Capture: AnyDocINVOICE Fits The Bill For Concordia AG


Concordia AG, one of Switzerland's top five health insurance companies, has selected AnyDocINVOICE by AnyDoc Software together with IW-TARMED by ImageWare AG to automate its invoice system. The technology will be used to process TARMED invoices which are part of the billing system for Swiss medical services.

Founded in Zurich in 1914, Concordia now has 1,250 employees servicing 648,000 customers. Concordia offers both basic compulsory health insurance as well as additional health policies. The company also provides accident, travel and sickness benefit coverage.

It is estimated that Concordia will use AnyDocINVOICE to process 1.6 million TARMED invoices (2.7 million pages) each year. The automated system will free up Concordia staff from labor-intensive paperwork allowing employees to instead dedicate more time to servicing customers.

Concordia's responsible project leader explains, "Processing TARMED invoices puts a lot of strain on the accounting system. All the information in the invoice is needed for processing. This involves checking every item and reconciling it with the TARMED tariff codes – and all of this in three languages. Effectiveness and flexibility were a key factor in Concordia's evaluation of invoice readers. Throughout the evaluation process we have focused on the leading companies supplying readers for TARMED invoices. In the end, we selected AnyDocINVOICE's sophisticated freeform technology, which clinched the deal with its combination of best value, good communication and high-level customer service through AnyDoc and ImageWare."

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