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Cutting The Cost Of Capture

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Businesses spend billions each year capturing transactional information and metadata. The ecommerce wave promises to reduce some of these costs by turning transactions into automated electronic processes. Yet most businesses are still exchanging paper documents. As a result, they still spend billions on data entry, filing, searching for documents, copying, faxing and other forms of paper shuffling.

In the effort to automate paper-bound transactions, advanced document imaging systems represent a kind of precursor to e-commerce. Once a document is captured as an electronic image, it becomes a searchable, shareable resource that can be accessed from anywhere via the Web. Images can also be mined for their data in order to drive business transactions.

While early imaging applications relied on key-from-image techniques that were only a step or two ahead of paper-based data entry, new and proven technologies are helping cut unnecessary labor from document imaging processes.

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