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Complete Encryption: Managing Keys And Data

Source: Spectra Logic Corporation

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White Paper: Complete Encryption

LTO-4 and Spectra Logic's hardware-based encryption uses AES-256-bit encryption keys to encrypt data. This data can't be read until it is decrypted, which requires the use of the same key that was used during data encryption. If you don't have the key, you can't read the data. Managing keys is central to taking advantage of LTO-4 encryption.

This kind of encryption requires creation, tracking, and protection of the encryption keys. The life cycle of an encryption key includes these stages:

  • Encryption User Definition
  • Key Creation / Deletion
  • Key Escrow
  • Key Use in Data Encryption / Decryption

A key management system, central to any encryption system, needs to handle every phase of the key's lifecycle. The Spectra BlueScale Encryption key management system handles these requirements for LTO-4 encryption, as well as for the library-based encryption. Key management is easily handled using the library's graphical interface, available on the library front panel or from anywhere using a Web browser. It does not require additional interfaces, software, or hardware.

Click Here To Download:
White Paper: Complete Encryption