News | October 12, 2023

CM Regent Selects Betterview To Streamline Underwriting Efficiency

San Francisco, CA (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - CM Regent Insurance Company, a provider of insurance coverage to educational institutions for nearly 50 years, recently announced their selection of insurtech company Betterview. CM Regent employs the Betterview Property Intelligence Platform as a central hub for data and insights to maximize underwriting efficiency.

CM Regent sought a partner to serve as a single source of truth for property risk. Previously, the company spent time and resources utilizing multiple and often incompatible sources for the same information. After reviewing several vendors, they found Betterview provided the most accurate, relevant data to inform and accelerate underwriting decisions.

“Using Betterview saves time, which saves money,” said Brett Eater, vice president – chief underwriting officer, CM Regent. “It’s a one-stop shop for all our property data and risk insights, whereas we used to work across five or six different systems. Consolidating this information allows our underwriters to rapidly prequalify potential customers and determine where additional resources are needed. It’s a significant boost to efficiency and data to profitably underwrite our property risks.”

Betterview believes the Property Intelligence Platform will continue to drive meaningful business results. “CM Regent needed a way to cut through the noise and instantly access relevant property information, and that’s what we delivered,” said Dave Tobias, co-founder and chief operating officer at Betterview. “Whether it’s AI-powered risk scores, condition detections, or data from our trusted partners, all the property intelligence they need is now housed in one place. We’re excited to save CM Regent time through automation, and ultimately help improve their expense ratio.”

About Betterview:
Betterview is the Property Intelligence & Risk Management Solution the insurance industry depends on to identify and mitigate property risk, improve underwriting and inspection efficiency, and build a more transparent customer experience. Applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer vision to aerial imagery and geospatial data, Betterview generates the most accurate property information insurers trust to automate pricing, underwriting, and renewals while focusing strategic action on critical properties. For more information, please visit

About CM Regent:
With nearly 50 years of experience solely insuring educational institutions, the entire CM Regent Insurance Company team is uniquely trained to understand the challenges and protection of schools. Our comprehensive, flexible coverage and financial stability allow school administrators the peace of mind to focus on their mission, knowing we are experts at protecting them. For more information, please visit

Source: Betterview