CheckWorks Payment Processing Solution

Source: Prelude Software Inc.
CheckWorks is a complete 32-bit payment processing solution
CheckWorks is a complete 32-bit payment processing solution. Our suite of products includes the following features:
  • MICR Check Printing on Blank Stock.
  • Electronic Payments and Debits.
  • Outside Issue Tracking.
  • Customized Remittance Advice.
  • Full System Security with Multiple Levels of Access for User Profiles.
  • Positive Pay Security.
  • Digital Signatures and Custom Control of Thresholds for Manual Signatures.
  • 1099 Reporting.
  • Combining Multiple Payments to a Single Payee.
  • Automated Bank Account Reconciliation.
  • Specialized Registers of Cashed, Uncashed, Voided, Stopped and Unprinted Checks.
  • Escheatage Reporting.
  • Agent Commission Statements and Payments.
CheckWorks can interface with any claim or policy management system.

What makes CheckWorks different from competing payment software products? A fully integrated database containing all payment information processed through CheckWorks. This allows you to look up and reprint any payment, at any time, without searching through numerous import files.

The majority of CheckWorks customers are in the insurance and banking industries, where multiple bank accounts, high check volumes, and high check fraud exposure are common. CheckWorks handles all of these problems, increasing security and accuracy, while saving time and money.

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