Check-EZE Payment System

Source: Fiserv
Check-EZE Protects Against Check Fraud
Check-EZE Protects Against Check Fraud

Check fraud is literally an epidemic in the US, and many organizations are moving quickly to avoid becoming the next victim.

Check-EZE is a powerful client/server check production system that features multi-level security and encryption for maximum protection. Check-EZE prints the check data, signatures, logos, and MICR line all in one pass using a standard desktop laser printer and magnetic toner cartridge.

Payment information is encrypted as it is imported into Check-EZE from any external source. Check-EZE merges payment data with the check format to create an encrypted check file. Checks are printed from this file onto blank security paper. For your protection, data is eliminated from the printer memory and no sensitive data is stored at remote client PCs. The system's Positive Pay feature provides a valuable reconciliation safeguard that your bank can use to verify that each check is valid.

A cost effective solution for check printing

Using blank security stock increases efficiency in a number of ways. It's less expensive, and you can use the same stock for multiple accounts. That also means you don't have to change check stock between print runs. Any changes to the check format can be made in the system rather than discarding and re-ordering expensive pre-printed stock. And unlike preprinted stock, you don't have to keep black security paper under lock and key.

Check-EZE supports any number of check types and forms, including vendor, payroll, claims, expense reimbursement, advice and W-2. The ability to direct all your check production through one system maximizes your software investment and improves overall staff productivity. This system provides flexible control by allowing you to customize your check register, produce blank and manual checks, and sort import files.

Several optional modules are available for use with Check-EZE, to meet a variety of user-specific security, printing, and information management needs.

Security meshed with versatility

Check-EZE also provides a simple, yet secure method of printing checks wherever and whenever they're needed. Companies can use network, Intranet, or Internet connections to distribute encrypted check files for remote printing. Why would this be desirable? It allows you to centralize accounts payable and payroll functions for multiple offices, and yet ensures that all checks are delivered on time.

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