News | November 12, 2007

Check 21: Anydoc Software's Enhanced Automated Check 21 Solution Debuted At TAWPI Payments Automation Conference

AnyDoc Software, a leading provider of automated document and data capture solutions, announced plans to demonstrate its remittance and Check 21 processing software at the upcoming TAWPI Payments Automation Conference, Nov. 8 - 9, in St. Petersburg, FL. The complete solution for accounts receivable (AR) automates data capture from remittances and checks and includes an enhanced Check 21 workflow with electronic deposit and acknowledgement capabilities.

AnyDoc Software's Check 21 solution revolutionizes the accounts receivable check process, speeding the deposit cycle and improving cash flow. Time-consuming manual routing and review can be replaced with an automated workflow based on a company's existing accounting processes. Unique features of AnyDoc's enhanced Check 21 solution include the ability to validate the check amount and balance the check total to the corresponding remittance total. MICR data can also be captured and used to auto-verify customer information contained in existing databases. In addition, the AnyDoc solution creates and manages the transmittal of encrypted Check 21 files for bank deposit and confirms the receipt of electronic bank deposit acknowledgement reports. With drop-and-drag tools and a graphical user interface, customized check processing workflows can be easily created and modified without any programming.

"Our customers may or may not be using a Check 21 deposit method," said AnyDoc Software founder and CEO, Charles W. Jackson. "What we are showing them is how they can increase the efficiency of their existing AR process – whatever that might currently be – by adding AnyDoc's automated Check 21 solution with data capture and workflow capabilities to the mix. This is an enhanced technology previously not available."

AnyDoc Software's enhanced Check 21 solution can also be easily integrated with AnyDoc REMIT to provide users a complete accounts receivable solution. AnyDocREMIT automatically captures and processes summary and detail line item data from remittances without templates. When combined, the Check 21 solution and AnyDocREMIT allow companies to dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of their accounts receivable remittance and check processing.

Customers benefit from significantly reduced per-transaction costs and decreased manual data entry, resulting in accelerated payment processing and same-day bank deposits. Data captured from customer remittances and checks is quickly transferred into the company's accounting or ERP system, allowing greater insight into current cash flow by eliminating processing backlogs and bottlenecks – while reducing processing costs. Hundreds of built-in rules can be easily implemented according to a user's existing accounting processes with point-and-click ease such as checking columnar math or confirming the proper tax allocation.

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AnyDoc Software offers innovative document and data capture and classification solutions that have been the industry standard since 1991. Thousands of companies worldwide rely on AnyDoc solutions to eliminate millions of hours of manual data entry while improving productivity and accuracy. Any paper form or document including invoices, remittances and checks can be automatically processed with full data extraction without the need for manual keying. Clients include: Sony Pictures Entertainment, Circuit City, BlueCross BlueShield, the U.S. Census, LeasePlan, Zürcher Kantonalbank, Coop and more. For more information, please visit

SOURCE: AnyDoc Software