Catastrophic Exposure Analysis

Source: Impact Forcecasting

Catastrophic Exposure Analysis
QuickPML (Probable Maximum Loss) offers quantification of modeling financial loss resulting from earthquake or

QuickPML (Probable Maximum Loss) offers quantification of modeling financial loss resulting from earthquake or hurricane damage. Leveraging its proprietary Catmandu catastrophe modeling technology, this company offers the catastrophic exposure reporting for up to 200 sites within 24 hours.

To access this software, clients use the free Catastrophe Data Capture (CDC) software. CDC is an application that automates the process of creating a database of catastrophe risk attributes, such as building addresses, construction materials, structural characteristics, and business interruption exposure. All input is validated by the software in advance to avoid time lost due to inaccuracies and downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet that can be e-mailed or express mailed to the company itself.

The client services team uses the electronic data to create a full-color, customized Catmandu report for the client, including exposure maps, loss probabilities, and explanations of the model.

Clients can use this system to evaluate the outcomes of strategic risk management decisions related to earthquake and hurricane exposure. For example, it can quantify the potential effects of a decision to reduce insurance coverage and focus on risk mitigation. This program can also help clients design insurance programs to transfer risk through traditional insurance, reinsurance, and alternative markets. It is designed to allow clients to easily pinpoint critical risks in their portfolio of properties, and reanalyze their exposure annually to ensure adequate protection.

In addition to modeling for the earthquake or weather event alone, Catmandu elevates catastrophic modeling by forecasting collateral damage -- the effects of fires, landslides, and soil destabilization following an earthquake, as well as storm surge, the coastal wave damage and flooding that accompanies hurricane force winds. Catmandu achieves this advanced level of analysis through integrated science, structural engineering, and database interpretation designed to interface and interact with other financial analysis and planning tools that companies use.

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