News | May 11, 2022

Beesafe To Use AI To Assess Car Damage And Settle Claims In Minutes

  • Beesafe, part of the VIG Group, will use Tractable’s AI to create immediate car damage assessments and repair estimates
  • Beesafe will use the assessments to make immediate payment offers to policyholders when appropriate, allowing them to resolve claims in minutes, even during the first interaction

Beesafe, part of the Vienna Insurance Group (VIG), is to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create damage valuations and to generate an offer of immediate payment on damaged vehicles in Poland.

To do this, Beesafe will use an AI solution, developed by the technology company Tractable, which accurately evaluates vehicle damage with photos sent through a web application. The app, via the AI, produces a damage assessment in seconds, often without the need for further review.

Upon receiving the assessment, Beesafe will use it to make immediate payment offers to policyholders when appropriate, allowing them to resolve claims in minutes, even on the first interaction. Beesafe expects to resolve the majority of cases with the technology, enabling a much faster resolution for customers than was previously possible.

Rafal Mosionek, CEO at Beesafe, Board member at VIG, said: “With Tractable’s AI, we can provide our policyholders with an accurate and efficient way of assessing damage remotely, allowing us to offer them compensation almost immediately. We’re resolving clients’ problems and helping them recover from accidents almost straight away.”

Aleksander Surowiak, Sales Director, Central & Eastern Europe at Tractable, said: “By using our AI to offer immediate payments, Beesafe will be able to resolve most of its customers’ auto claims within minutes of them being reported. We’re bringing cutting-edge technology to where it matters most, creating a new standard in customer service for drivers.”

Tractable’s AI uses deep learning for computer vision, in addition to other machine learning techniques. The AI is trained with many millions of photographs of vehicle damage, and the algorithms learn from experience by analyzing a wide variety of different examples. Tractable’s technology can be applied globally to any vehicle.

The AI enables insurers to assess car damage, shares recommended repair operations, and guides the claims management process to ensure these are processed and settled as quickly as possible.

Source: Beesafe