Applications Maintenance Programming

Source: UBICS, Inc.
System Analysis/Design, Program Specification, Development Testing, Maintenance of Applications

  • System Analysis/Design
  • Program Specification
  • Development
    • Program Coding/Conversion
    • Data Conversion
    • Y2K Conversion
    • User interface conversion

  • Testing
    • Unit Testing
    • Parallel/System Testing
    • Regression Testing

  • Maintenance of Applications

Case Studies

UBICS consultants were members of a team involved in a warehouse management conversion project for a large chain of automotive products retail outlets. Previously, all branches sent inventory information to the company's main center which then relayed that data to the warehouses. The work conducted by the project team gives the company much more flexibility and more online ability. Each store is directly connected with the distribution centers for quicker stock deliveries and fewer data transfer problems.

Financial Services Firm
UBICS consultants on-site at a financial services firm are currently part of an effort involving a Y2K conversion project that requires the modification of all programs. The team is charged with minimizing the effort to expand only files that include dates and indexes and designing copybooks to be used for other programs.

The project team was also responsible for executing a maintenance/conversion project to merge the system of a recently acquired company with that of the client firm. In order to do so, the team had to perform any necessary programming, make data conversions, modify all programs and design copybooks.

Large Equipment Manufacturer
UBICS consultants working with a large equipment manufacturer were part of an effort to convert the company's system from Cobol 74 to Cobol 2 in order to ascertain that it would support the new technology and run properly into the next millennium. The team also eradicated some report-generating files and put in place new copy layouts in the programs for end-users.

In completing the inventory control project, team members updated the company's database and built triggers into it to alert the user to problems to quicken response time. Additionally, the ability to use bar codes with the updated system will allow information concerning stock to be immediately transmitted to the main center.

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