News | June 23, 2006

AnyDoc Software Recognized For Healthcare Solution At The ECM Connection ACE Awards

AnyDoc Software, a leading provider of automated document and data capture solutions, announced today that it received finalist honors in the Healthcare category of the 2006 ECM Connection ACE Awards.

AnyDoc Software offers AnyDoc(r)EOB, a software solution that provided the basis for the finalist award nod. AnyDocEOB automates data capture from complex Explanation of Benefits (EOB) forms the remittances that accompany a healthcare insurance payment and that display the details of covered patient and claims procedures. A lack of EOB form standards invites a multitude of varying types, each with data in differing locations on the page and across multiple pages, making the processing of these documents very difficult.

AnyDocEOB is powered by AnyApp, AnyDoc Software's free-form technology within the OCR for AnyDoc(r) software product, designed to capture data from semi-structured and unstructured documents such as Explanation of Benefits forms, regardless where the data may be located on the page.

Once it identifies the location of the data on a particular document, AnyApp remembers that location each subsequent time that document type is processed, thereby increasing processing speed. Accuracy increases by this learning process as well as user-defined business rules to match the process in place prior to automation. AnyDocEOB is also powered by QuickApp technology within OCR for AnyDoc. QuickApp provides on-the-fly inline training to expedite and improve EOB data capture and processing.

Also considered for the award was AnyDoc's emphasis on education. AnyDoc takes great strides to provide businesses with a wealth of information on automated document and data capture. Through frequent seminars, webinars and trade show appearances, AnyDoc provides one-on-one answers to questions about EOB processing. AnyDoc takes advantage of these forums to outline to the public the benefits an automated solution offers.

"We are honored to be named as a finalist for this award," said Charles W. Jackson, president of AnyDoc Software. "Naturally, we are very proud of AnyDocEOB and how it improves the way companies process these extraordinarily difficult documents. So we are grateful to be recognized for this unique solution, and for our efforts to educate the public about the advantages and the advances of automated document processing solutions such as AnyDocEOB."

The ACE awards are presented based on Appeal (vendor offers an innovative, feature-rich product line within the designated category), Content (company provides information-rich marketing collateral that goes beyond merely promoting its own products and services), and Education (outstanding outreach programs and services). The awards were presented at the AIIM Expo in Philadelphia, PA.

This marks the second consecutive ACE Award honor for AnyDoc. Last year, the company was named a finalist for the award in the Capture Software Vendor category.

About AnyDoc Software

AnyDoc Software develops automated document and data capture solutions that continue to set industry standards. AnyDoc's flagship product OCR for AnyDoc and its associated solutions have helped thousands of businesses to dramatically reduce the cost and inefficiency of manual data entry. AnyDoc Software is the preferred choice of companies around the world, including U.S. Airways, Circuit City, Procter & Gamble, BlueCross BlueShield, the U.S. Census, LeasePlan, Z├╝rcher Kantonalbank, Soudronic AG, MS200, Die Post and more. For more information, please contact us at (813) 222-0414 or visit