AMS 360

Source: AMS Services, Inc.
It is real, easy and powerful.
Your goal: to run your agency smoothly and profitably
Your goal: to run your agency smoothly and profitably.

You need:

  • a management system that improves workflow, not restricts it;
  • a system that increases free time, not overtime;
  • a system that is open-ended, not obsolete-out-of-the-box; and
  • new advantages that make you more efficient and competitive.

AMS 360 is the all new agency management system designed for your profitability and competitiveness. AMS Services, using the heart and soul of AfW as a foundation, built AMS 360 from the ground up with Microsoft .NET tools to give you new efficiencies while being easy to use and operate. AMS 360's expanded CRM functions give the agency a 360 degree view of its business.

The best news is that you don't have to wait another day. Because of AMS's revolutionary technology and commitment to your smooth implementation, you will be up and running on AMS 360 with our "Zero Business Day" data conversion – no wasted time; no headaches; immediate productivity.