AI Risk Specialists Insurance Inc. Signs With QualCorp, Inc.

Source: QualCorp, Inc.

Valencia, CA - AI Risk Specialists Insurance, Inc. has signed a three-year contract with QualCorp, Inc., an industry leader setting the standards for policy issuance and administration. R. Allen Beggs, President of QualCorp, Inc., announced that they would provide 50 state policy issuance capabilities for up to 34 of AI Risk Specialists' specialty and commercial lines programs.

QualCorp, Inc. will be linking to a web-based broker portal offering rating, quoting and binding capabilities provided by one of QualCorp, Inc.'s strategic partners - Duck Creek Technologies.

Data will be input by the agent via a web portal and rated by Duck Creek Technologies' web-based rating engine. QualCorp, Inc.'s policy issuance system, FormsPlus, will be taking an XML data feed and producing policies and their accompanying transactions - all without human intervention.

"We are engaged on a daily basis in creating web-based cutting edge automation solutions for many large insurance companies," commented QualCorp, Inc.'s president, Allen Beggs. "We're fortunate to have not only some of the most talented professionals in the industry working with us, but our strategic partnerships allow us the flexibility to meet the insurance industry's ever changing demands in a timely manner."

Within the next 45-60 days, QualCorp, Inc. and Duck Creek Technologies will begin rolling out the new web-based technology for AI Risk Specialists Insurance, Inc.

SOURCE: QualCorp, Inc.