News | June 10, 2008

300% Faster — Sixt Speeds Up With AnyDoc Software


When drivers of rental cars break traffic regulations, it gets complicated for companies like Sixt. At the headquarters of Germany's leading mobility provider in the south of Munich, hundreds of notifications of traffic offenses arrive on a daily basis. These can range from speeding fines and parking tickets to any violation. Sixt implemented a solution from AnyDoc Software that supports and accelerates the processing of these traffic offenses by automating the capturing and classification of these documents.

Sixt, one of the largest international companies for car rental, leasing and associated services, is experiencing daily that some drivers of rental cars are no strangers to bending the rules when it comes to speeding, parking and other traffic regulations. Sixt receives hundreds of letters on traffic offenses every day. All of these documents have to be sent to the Sixt's administration branch in Rostock to be processed. The complete process previously took several work days, considering the letter arrived in Munich, then needed to be sent to Rostock for posting, manual processing and sending out the replies.

Thanks to the new solution, the documents are electronically captured with OCR for AnyDoc. OCR for AnyDoc then classifies the documents according to the type of traffic offense, differentiates between a warning and a fine, and identifies the sender as well as the responsible authorities or administration. Other data is automatically extracted via search algorithms — including the vehicle's license plate, place, date and time of the offense — and enables the responsible driver or renter of the vehicle to be identified. With electronic processing eliminating most manual processing steps — and the need for postage — notifications can be processed three times faster.

An important factor for Sixt in choosing this solution was the freeform search for key terms in documents with different layouts. In many systems, the recognition of keywords is carried out via form or search masks. Traffic offense notifications, however, look completely different depending on the authority, state or administrative district. Usual search terms like postal codes and other details can thus appear in different places in the document. A search via a form template is therefore nearly impossible when thousands of different local authorities and offices in Germany and abroad are involved. AnyDoc uses AnyApp Technology to automatically locate the data, regardless of where it is located within the document.

Another advantage of the AnyDoc solution is the comparison of captured data with the master file data. This allows e-mail addresses, phone extensions and fax numbers of the responsible contact person to be validated and changes can be incorporated immediately. By means of a "fuzzy search," the system identifies the sender, even if parts of the key data like the contact person, contact e-mail or phone extension have changed.

"It was not only the intelligent functions of the solution but also the excellent and professional cooperation with AnyDoc Software that convinced us we had made the right choice," explains Cem Ilhan, project manager at Organization Development, Sixt Leasing AG. "From the first workshop, to the joint definition of the objectives and required functions across the entire project duration, and throughout the smooth and efficient implementation on-site, the cooperation went excellently. Not only will we save ourselves considerable labor and associated costs in the future, but traffic offense notifications will now be processed three times quicker."

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